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Drawdy Dance Schools, LLC 

Terms of Service

2024 - 2025


Registration Fee

$50 is due at the time of registration for every dancer in order to cover administrative costs and insurance, this fee is non-refundable.



Our pricing is based on a 10-month dance year, we do not adjust our pricing regardless of how many lessons fall in a given month because it is priced with the entire year in mind. Your dancer is also holding a spot in their class while others are placed on a waiting list. You will receive a 10% discount if your tuition is paid in full before November 1st, 2024. If you prefer to pay monthly tuition is due on the first of each month, if tuition is not received by the 10th day of the month, a $10 late fee will be added to your account. Statements are not mailed out regularly but can be provided upon request. All Tuition is not refundable. All accounts must be paid in full by December 1st, 2024 for your child to participate in the Christmas Recital and by June 1st, 2025 for the end of the year recital.

Dance Classes Pricing

Length of Classes
Annual Tuition (10%)
Monthly Payment
Family Discount*
45 minutes
$800 ($720)
1 hour
$950 ($855)
1 hour 15 min.
$1,100 ($990)
1 hour 30 min.
$1200 ($1,080)
1 hour 45 min.
$1300 ($1170)
2 hours
$1400 ($1260)
2 hours 15 min.
$1500 ($1,350)
2 hours 30 min.
$1600 ($1440)
2 hours 45 min.
$1700 ($1530)
3 hours
$1800 ($1620)
3 hours 15 min.
$1900 ($1710)
3 hours 30 min.
$2000 ($1800)
3 hours 45 min.
$2100 ($1890)
4 hours
$2150 ($1935)
4 hours 15 min.
$2200 ($1980)
4 hours 30 min.
$2250 ($2025)
4 hours 45 min.
$2230 ($2070)
5 hours
$2350 ($2115)

*Family Discount - If paying monthly, 10% off 2nd, 3rd and 4th child

Withdrawal Policy

Drawdy’s Dance School requires a 30-day notice if your dancer(s) will be withdrawing from classes. You are still financially responsible during that 30-day period. Please fill out a withdrawal form at the front desk.



Drawdy’s Dance School will participate in a Christmas recital and an end of year recital. The recital fees will help cover the cost of the rental space, lighting, backdrops, etc.


The Christmas Recital is usually $50* per family and will be due the first week of November, 2024. Tickets sold at the door will be $10.00*.


The End of the Year Recital fee is usually $75* per family and will be due the first week of April, 2025. This recital fee will include 2 tickets to the recital. Additional tickets and tickets sold at the door will be $15.00*.


*prices are subject to change as the location for our recitals may be different from year to year


Required Performance Attire

All performance attire must be purchased through our boutique in order to ensure uniformity while performing for various community events and recitals.


Beginner Combo Classes

  • Black Leo

  • Tutu

  • Class Bow

  • Tan Tights

  • Tap Shoes

Ballet, Tap, Jazz Classes

  • Black Leo 

  • Black Shorts

  • Tan Tights

  • Class Bow

  • Tap Shoes

  • Jazz Shoes

  • Ballet Shoes


JR Hip-Hop

Cheer Tumble


 & Musical Theater Classes

  • Black Leo

  • Black Shorts

  • Tan tights

  • Class Shoe

  • Class Bow


Costume Fees

Performance routines for recitals and competition teams ​wear specific costumes for each class. A separate $75 costume fee deposit is charged for each class and if there is a remaining balance for a specific costume we will bill you separately.

The variability of costume charges are caused by their availability from the manufacturer, customizations and any tailoring that is required.

Make-up classes

If students miss their scheduled class, you may request to attend a class of the same level. Refunds are not given for missed classes.


Personal Items

Please make sure your child’s name is written on all their personal items (shoes, dancewear, etc.) This will avoid any confusion when items are left in class. Our lost and found bin is thrown out at the end of each month.

Studio Etiquette

  • No food or dink (except water bottles) in Studio A or Studio B.

  • No street shoes on the dance floor. Please help keep our studio floor clean and free from damage; remove street shoes before entering the dance floor.

  • Do not wear your Ballet, Tap, or Jazz shoes outside to avoid damaging your shoes.

  • No chewing gum anywhere in the studio.

  • Student cell phones should be turned off during class.

  • Students should be dropped off and picked up promptly before and after class. Drawdy’s Dance School is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students.

  • Please keep noise level to a minimum while classes/rehearsals are in progress. We are sharing our location with other artists. Parents may wait in lobby as long as it does not become disruptive to our music and dance classes.

  • No jewelry is allowed to be worn during class. Small post earrings are allowed.

  • Long hair must be worn in a bun or similar style for all classes.

Drawdy Dance Schools, LLC

Disclaimer, Medical and Photo Release


Student and parent/legal guardian understand and expressly assume all risks involved in connection with dance instruction, rehearsals, and training at Drawdy Dance Schools LLC, including but not limited to risk of bodily injury occurring as a result of contact with other students, instructors, walls, equipment, floors, structures, poles, and other objects located in or near dance studios, or the student’s physical condition or physical limitations.

It is understood that dance instruction is a physical activity and art form. It may be necessary for instructors to place hands on the student for proper placement and correction of body alignment. Student and parent waive all claims arising out of dance instruction, rehearsal, training, and performances at Drawdy Dance Schools LLC and/or other performance spaces and/or venues, whether caused by the negligence, breach of contract, or otherwise, and whether for bodily injury, property damage or loss, or otherwise, which student may have against Drawdy Dance Schools LLC, its owners, officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and agents, and their heirs, executors and administrators.

The parent/legal guardian of the student requests and authorizes that in his/her absence, the student may be admitted to any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment and authorizes physicians, or other such licensed professionals, to perform any diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, operative procedures and x-ray treatment of the student. There is no guarantee as to the results of examination or treatment. Parent/legal guardian authorizes Drawdy Dance Schools LLC, it’s owners, members, Board of Directors, and all employees and agents of these parties to act for the student according to their best judgment in providing or arranging for emergency care in any emergency situation requiring medical attention.

The parent/legal guardian grants Drawdy Dance Schools LLC the right to use and incorporate the use of photographs and/or videotapes of the student for publicity or display purposes. Drawdy Dance School LLC is granted the right to use said images for any purpose it deems appropriate and will not be held in violation of privacy rights.

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